No Limit Texas Hold Em Strategy – Playing From The Button

No Limit Texas Hold Em Strategy – Playing From The Button

One of the first things most players learn when they start to play No Limit Texas Hold’em, no matter if it is online or in live games at a casino, is position. More specifically, how to play from the button. Playing from earlier positions, like “under the gun” are often over looked by novice players as they focus on playing from the “drivers seat” at the poker table. There are many nuances to playing from the Button that most players will never get and exploring different options in this position will help improve your play dramatically. 텍사스홀덤

First of all, if you new to NL Texas Hold em, the Button position is the position of the dealer, designated by the “D” icon or chip that you see on your screen. The reason this position is so valuable is because it is the last one to act at the table in all subsequent action. Remember, poker is a game of incomplete information and it is a huge advantage to have the information of how everyone else has played the hand (meaning whether they bet or checked or folded) before you have to make a decision.

You can tailor your play based on what your opponents did regardless of your actual cards. The Button is the position that many players will try to steal the blinds from if no one has opened the pot already. Raising into an unopened pot from the Button has gotten to be so common place in online poker that I will not respect it anymore if a player makes that bet while I am in the Small or Big Blind. Therein lies the problem. Everyone wants to play from the Button, make raises, steal pots. However, like the continuation bet, more hardened internet players will not respect this play. If I am faced with a player making a position play on me from the button, I will many times respond by re-raising all-in, forcing him to fold. What you really need to do is learn to vary your play from the Button (much like every other position!) I think the mistake that many players make is becoming too predictable from the Button. You simply cannot make the same raise every round from this position or you will get caught. Much of what you do to vary your play will depend on the table you are at. For example, are you in a cash ring game with $1-$2 Blinds? If so, what is the point of raising from the Button to try and steal $3? By doing that, you are many times just building a pot for your opponent!This holds true for the early stages of  a Sit n Go as well.

Why try and steal $30 worth of blinds? You will get yourself into trouble more often than not, and for what? Small pots that don’t much matter one way or the other. However, the late stages of a SNG or multi-table tournament? Much different. You want to steal at these stages from the Button as well as other positions. The Blinds and/or antes have become large enough to really matter and you can build your stack very quickly this way. Plus, you now have the added benefit of varying your play. Either on, you did not steal, now you do. Sort of a put the pedal down approach: start slowly and cautiously, and build into extreme aggression.

If you glean nothing else here, learn this: you must vary your play from the Button and how you vary it is situational. It greatly depends on the type of game you are playing, the point in the game you are at, the temperament of your table (the tendencies of the other players) and so on. I have a couple of simple rules that I like to keep in my head in regards to playing form the Button:

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